about me

London, UK
Degree level
Laziness, pollution and environmental destruction, long depressing commutes and lack of organisation.
Attention to detail, good food, good company, the sea, forests, rivers & mountains, fluffy kittens.

Personal story

One thing which is important to me is travelling and seeing the world. It really changes your perspective on life when you visit another country and experience other cultures. There are quite a few places which I have already seen (the most recent is Macau, Australia and New Zealand), but there are even more which I still want to visit. I have a bucket list of places I want to travel to (ask me about it, if we ever meet). Next up on my travels is either Cyprus or Malta which I hope to visit later this year. I'm also constantly on the look out for new places, so if there's been a place that you would recommend, tell me about it.

When I'm not working or travelling I try to keep my fitness levels up by going jogging and bouldering as often as possible, it's a welcome break from sitting in front of a computer all day and it helps me think things over. Bouldering is climbing but without the ropes and when it comes to bouldering it's not just about strength (though it helps), stamina and agility play a big role in getting you safely to the top and it's also about planning your route in advance and learning from others. I'm a member of Mile End and "The Arch" climbing centres and I've been bouldering outside at High Rocks near Tunbridge Wells, which is great, though I highly recommend bringing a crash mat!

I have a keen interest in DIY and home improvement. Whether it's putting up floating shelves, installing insulation in the attic or sanding down door frames, I enjoy setting myself a task and seeing it through to completion. I also like to do gardening (whenever the weather is good enough).

I like to catch up on the latest news and innovations in technology, and I have a keen interest in science and the environment (I'm a supporter of animal and environmental groups such as Greenpeace the RSPCA and Friends of the Earth).